Privacy Policy

Security Policy
Security policy is the policy of information, use and disclosure of the information you post on the “Rosalind Franklin Wellness Centre” website. To buy product you need to specify the following information:

First and last name – to help you identify yourself correctly.
Billing and Shipping Address – to place an order at the correct address.
E-mail and Phone Number – to get order confirmation, get updates on order status change and to contact you if necessary.

Privacy Policy
The information you post on the “Rosalind Franklin Wellness Centre” website will not be shared with third parties without your permission, however, the company reserves the right to use the mobile number and e-mail address provided by you on the site to provide information about news, changes, discounts and various offers. We may also use this information to compile statistics or as a source of information for various studies that is not intended to make your personal information public.

Privacy and Security
All information you post on your personal page is protected and is not accessible public. The administration of “Rosalind Franklin Wellness Centre” website has the right to pass this information to law enforcement agencies, if required by applicable law.

Consent to the Security and Privacy Policy
When placing an order, you must read the terms and conditions of our website and agree to them in order to complete the order, otherwise you will not receive the service.

Changes in security policy
Our administration has the right to change all points of the security policy at any time, and you must be informed about these changes by e-mail or directly on the website.

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