Telostim Arthrosis Formula


Prevents cartilage breakdown and treats inflammation.
*A study was carried out by the OXIProteomics company.

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Telostim Arthrosis Formula

Osteoarthritis is probably one of the most debilitating diseases both in the pain it causes and the articulatory deformities it causes.
Its origin is often hereditary and seems to be aggravated by food hygiene as well as climate.
The formula developed by I.D.E.C. Therapeutic brings together all elements required to fight against this pathology.
An anti-inflammatory action combined with cartilage reconstructive action makes this one of the best formulas in its field.

Active Ingredients

S-adenosyl Methionine: cellular deoxidation forerunner by activating glutathion peroxydase.
Chondroinite Sulfate: enters the proteoglycans helping the cartilage to absorb shocks.
A real ally in the fight against the progression of arthritis.
Turmeric Extract: at 95%, natural anti-inflammatory.

Comes from Ayurvedic pharmacopeia, curcumin is a powerful antioxidant, especially recommended for fighting joint inflammation.

Directions For Use

A two-month cure, (renewable) 2 capsules per day.