Telostim Fertility Homme Formula


Contributes to the repair of reproductive cells and follicle quality.
Improves follicular availability in each menstrual cycle.

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Telostim Fertility Homme Formula

For many years, we have witnessed a worrying decline in fertility in couples and particularly in women with an AMH decrease, ovarian reserve.
The explanation is still poorly understood, some refer to diet, others alternative contraceptive medication.
One thing is certain, oxidative stress has a major impact on fertility cells by damaging the gametes DNA (reproductive cells).
Studies spanning more than four years to date, have made it possible to better understand this cellular deterioration, to remedy it considerably by acting on “repairing” these cells and increasing fertility potential.
The results obtained are positive after three months of treatment.

Active Ingredients

S-Adenosyl Methionine: a genuine stimulant for cellular regeneration (ref: article from the Cahiers de biothérapie, Septembre 2017).
Agent involved in cellular methylation.
Rubus Idaeus, raspberry leaves: reinforces the female reproductive system, indicated in treating endometriosis, uterine fibroids and dysmenorrhea.
Its action as a hormonal precursor also enables it to respond to miscarriage risks.
Angelica Sinensis, Chinese medicinal plant: genuine ginseng for women used in China for millennia for hypofertility.
Its main role is to activate the endometrium’s blood circulation and naturally balance out oestrogen.
Lastly, it regulates premenstrual problems, prevents the risk of thrombosis by inhibiting platelet aggregation.
Vitamine D3 Cholecalciferol: recommended for fighting endometriosis, oestrogen-progestin imbalance and polycystic ovary syndrome.
Vitamine B9 Folic Acid: reduces homocysteine levels related to kidney and cardiovascular diseases.
Vitamine E Tocopherol: real cellular membrane protection against cell oxidation, excellent antioxidant to fight against the proliferation of free radicals.

Directions For Use

A minimum three-month cure, (renewable) 2 capsules per day.